Hi! I’m Carson. I’m a scientist, writer, and artist. Thanks for visiting my website. I hope you will find something you like here. The pages on this site are filled with weblinks (mostly to Wikipedia) in order to make exploratory learning easy.

I grew up in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Loveland, Colorado before attending Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, where I concentrated on chemistry, religion, and mathematics. After receiving a BA in 2008, I attended graduate school at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, and got my PhD in Organic Chemistry in 2013 under the supervision of Professors J. Fraser Stoddart and Samuel I. Stupp. Currently, I’m a Miller Research Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley, where I am hosted by Matt Francis in the College of Chemistry.

My research interests span organic, inorganic, polymer, and biochemistry, as well as materials science and engineering. I am also interested in philosophy, art, and learning and sharing basically any cool stuff about science and nature.



Annie M. Bruns is my lovely wife. She grew up in Iowa farm country in a town of less than 400 people, surrounded by forests and fields. She attended Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, where she received a BA in Biology in 2008. After working for a year as a laboratory technician in cancer research at Sanford Health in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Annie attended graduate school at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, where she received a PhD in molecular biology in 2014 under the supervision of Professor Curt Horvath.

Annie specializes in science communication and storytelling. She is a contributing author for Helix Magazine, a publication by the Science in Society organization at Northwestern University. She also releases ‘Science and Awe’ podcasts and tweets and organizes science communication events. Currently, she teaches chemistry and science writing at San Francisco State University.